“I first saw Manisha for physiotherapy 2 months ago. I was suffering from a very painful muscle problem which meant that I couldn’t lift anything heavier than 1 litre, push a shopping trolley, use a vacuum cleaner or do any work in the garden. The NHS does not treat this problem, and it was very depressing to think life had changed so much.

Manisha was very positive and encouraging from the start, which gave me a huge boost. Her programme of targeted exercises, which have increased in number and difficulty over the weeks, have enabled me to undertake many tasks that had become impossible before. Manisha also used acupuncture for pain relief, and for me this worked really well.

Manisha’s approach is professional, friendly and encouraging. She quickly realised that the physical problem had seriously affected my overall well being and I have really appreciated her whole-person approach. I am happy to recommend her.”

Val, Wolverhampton

“I have been treated by Manisha for a neck problem and have found her to be trustworthy, honest and a very good physiotherapist, who gives her best at all times.  Would not think twice of recommending her to anyone.”

June, Wolverhampton

I first came across Manisha when I suffered a Groin strain whilst playing cricket for West Bromwich Dartmouth Cricket Club. My options were to wait for the NHS to allocate a Physiotherapist to treat me which could have taken up to three months before even any treatment was provided or to find my own Physiotherapist who could treat me immediately. I was passed Manisha’s number by a friend who recommended her and I would absolutely agree. Some of you may know that a groin injury can take up to 6 months to recover but my healing process took 2 months due to the treatment provided and the exercises and movements that I was advised to do by her.

So much was I impressed at the knowledge and advice that she provided, we have asked Manisha to carry out physical strengthening and core exercise sessions with our cricket club in order to improve mobility, help recover from injuries and general fitness. We have seen a large reduction in injuries just by employing her to carry out these sessions.

Further to this, a couple of years ago, I had a football injury whereby I fell and suffered an injury to my neck and back. Again rather than wait for the NHS to allocate treatment, I asked Manisha to help with the pain relief and recovery. She suggested some acupuncture sessions and after 4-5 sessions, the pain had vastly subsided. She had obviously done this numerous times before and was confident it would work and it did.

Manisha is very flexible with treatment times and can work around my schedule and on top of this she is a pleasure be around. I would highly recommend her for any treatment.

Hiren, Wolverhampton